Windows Genuine (?) Advantage

I made the mistake of blindly installing all the Windows Updates on my machine at work yesterday and so installed the lastest version of Windows Genuine Advantage… When I was creating a Ghost image for of our new desktops I didn’t have access to our legitimate Volume License Code and so just used a pirated one, big mistake!

At login this morning I was welcomed with a dialog box like this (not my screenshot):

Get Genuine Logon

The domain logon dialog was delayed for 5 seconds and this was displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen:

Genuine Victim

Victim? haha! (perpetrator more like!) Upon getting into Windows WgaTray.exe continued to delightfully remind me of my past blunder with this:

Balloon Victim

My day seemed to be off to a bad start, but a quick bit of googling claimed there was a solution and some P2P hi-jinks provided it.

I restarted in Safe Mode and replaced WgaTray.exe, wgalogon.dll and LegitCheckControl.dll in C:\Windows\System32 with the files provided in the archive, restarted and joy of joys, no nag screens :)