Drumstick Boogie

As usual, Thursday night is leg night chez Biscuit; I’m just in from the gym and I’ve munched on a tuna sandwich and I’m just about to hit a meeting.

I didn’t punish myself (much) and my workout could only have been described as “average” on a good day, but I turned up and did a bit. The focus was on practicing my squat technique and I must admit I was feeling fearful stepping into the power cage after my experience last week. I ended up doing sets of 10 reps with 1) just the olympic bar, 2) 20 Kgs, 3) 30 Kgs and finally 40 Kgs of plates on the bar. I didn’t try to press my luck and do more weight than last week and I wasn’t as concerned about getting my quads down to parallel as I know with time my technique will improve. I was was glad to step away at the end though!

Alrighty, I’m off to get some recovery…