Why, I haven't seen bicuspids like these since...

I had the joy of going for a dental checkup this morning and I must admit I was a tad on edge, but thankfully I got the all clear and there will no repeats of the root canal work I had done earlier in the year …and I managed to get a quick snap of the x-ray which was taken when I was in quite a bit of oral distress and had just signed up with my dentist:

X-Ray of Steve’s mouth

I did get my teeth cleaned though, which wasn’t overly unpleasant and even got some of the gunk cleaned off my tongue piercing, which I had actually planned on cleaning before-hand but forgot about; oh the shame of being told that I should clean it as well as my teeth!

My dentist seemed to think my dental hygiene was up to scratch and I’ll not have to go back near the chair of pain for another 6 months, all being well.

And Relax.