4mm Tunnels

I had been thinking about it for some time and finally decided to just go for it. So, a couple of hours ago I was signing the waiver and getting ready to get my ear lobes stretched for the first time.

I can remember not liking the whole flesh tunnel thing, but over time, what put me off them was what happens when you remove the jewelery: the “cat’s arse” look. Today I just gave in though and here are my ears less then 15 minutes after I left the piercing shop:

Left Ear Right Ear

It wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience, having a taper forced into an existing piercing but I’m told that the first stretch is the worst and that it should be easier as the gauge increases. I can only describe it as a burning, tearing sensation and it has been so long since I was last pierced that I couldn’t say if was any better or worse than my previous experiences.

I was initially unsure about the look of the CBRs sitting behind each tunnel, but after looking at the photos (taken with my now silent camera phone) I don’t think they look too bizarre. Time will tell what I do about them though: when I was younger I thought more was better but I’ve come to believe that quality is better than quantity, so I might take them out or possibly change the jewelry.

Now all I need is another tattoo and my life will be complete (well, for half an hour anyway!)