Bye Bye Bodum

I was doing a bit of washing up last night before I went to bed and as Fortuna would it, the glass component of my cafetière fell over in my dish rack and promptly broke. It was made of Pyrex / borosilicate glass and the fall seemed so mild for want of a better term so I felt both shocked and confused that such a thing could happen. Here’s a snap of the fallen soldier:

Bodum Cafetière - Broken

I would have had that particular piece of paraphernalia for 2 years next month, though I haven’t used it much since christmas when my brother and his missus donated a filter coffee maker to the cause, which has seen daily use. I guess it was just it’s Time. Ahh, the fond memories of sitting in front of my monitor at 4 in the morning with a steaming mug of java at hand. It will be missed.

I see that Amazon sell replacement parts so I’ll scope out the prices in town in my lunch break, compare and contrast and decide on my next action.

Less mourning and more coding…