My Brain Hurts

I’ve just finished hacking new features into a web-app my colleague Kev developed. Yep, I was deep into M$ country but as always nothing beats the sense of satisfaction that problem solving brings (for me anyways.)

Any time I’ve went back over my own code I usually ask myself “what was I thinking of here?” so over the past few days I’ve felt pretty much like that what with stepping into some one else’s work and trying to understand what is being done, how it is being done and getting acclimatised with a foreign coding style. Visual Studio wouldn’t allow me to view any of the pages in design mode either which added to the fun.

The changes are being reviewed by the “them upstairs” as I type and the modified files should be uploaded to the production site soon. I’ll no doubt have to tweak things further to their satisfaction, but such is life.

Clocking off time approaches.

Update: the changes have now gone live.