Close Crop

Once again I got sick of the length of my hair: it had been a while since I had done anything to it and I felt it was looking untidy and I hated having no option but to style it in the mornings and after the gym, so last night I charged up the trusty clippers and set to work.

I set the clippers to the longest setting and started off with a random swipe of my hair, thinking “this is it, no turning back.” I looked in the mirror and was a bit shocked: I didn’t expect the result to be quite as short as it was. Ah well, on with the show! Here’s me at the moment of completion:

Buzz Cut Yee Ha!

Things have certainly been different since I got rid of my ponytail last summer: I haven’t been completely satisfied with any haircut I’ve had and I’m not exactly over the moon with having cropped hair. Saying that though, it is convenient and costs nothing after the initial purchase of the clippers.

If only I didn’t look like a convict.