Friday Funk

I got into the office this morning and went through my usual routine; I’d put in a good workout and the weekend is fast approaching: life seemed good. I was logged on to my workstation, launched Outlook (I know, I know) and attempted to connect to substance via Jabber and SSH. My heart fell.

That Slackware box has been online for nearly a year now and other than my own lack of technical ability, the only problem I’ve had was when I upgraded my version of OpenSSL and OpenSSH refused to restart. Hooking up my KVM to the box and grabbing a fresh OpenSSH package solved the problem and I didn’t even have to restart the machine. A similar procedure will probably be required now.

The funny thing is that I can write this post, which indicates that both Apache and MySQL are functioning. I’ve just tried using telnet to connect to port 22 and I’m getting a response, but no joy with PuTTY. Checking my AWStats installation sometimes gives an Internal Server Error from Apache, but other times not.

Ah well, there’s nothing I can do until I get home other than to attempt to connect periodically. Not being able to get a VNC connection to my home desktop and the Debian box I use for downloading from Usenet is going to reduce the distraction from finishing off the next version of the application I’m developing. Expect an update later.