WordPress 2.0.5

I’ve been spending the festive period with my family and have almost enjoyed not having a computer, online and logged in, within eyesight for the majority of my waking hours. I’ve read and responded to my email and forums and was checking my blog when I noticed I wasn’t running the latest version of WordPress, so I thought I get back in the saddle and upgrade.

I started by backing up the database using the handy Backup Plugin and creating a copy of the entire blog directory using cp -R. I then downloaded and extracted the latest version of WordPress.

I deleted the wp-admin and wp-includes directorie as well as the files in the blog’s root directory, saving wp-config.php and .htaccess, and set about moving over the new files and replacing the default theme and bundled plugins. All that was left to do was log on as admin and click through the upgrade process and viola, version 2.0.5 up and running and using my site’s theme. Quick and painless, job’s a good ‘un.