The pot crack'd

It was Sunday morning and I went through my usual routine: I got up, flicked on the coffee machine which I had filled with water and ground coffee the night before and went to the bathroom. I decided to get back into my bed for a bit and whilst I was lying there I heard a cracking sound. I feared the worst, thinking: “please not my precious caffeine preparation paraphernalia" and sure enough the black goodness was weeping from the pot and sizzling on the hotplate. Poor photography aside, here’s the fallen soldier:

Cracked - old coffee pot

My brother and his fiancee presented me with the machine Christmas before last, my love of the stuff being what it is, so it had seen well over a year of practically daily use. Not wanting to disrupt my morning routine for the next day I decided to head down to Argos after a swim to pick up a replacement. Here’s the new machine on its maiden run:

Cracked - the replacement coffee machine

For a good while I’ve been thinking about getting a more “professional" filter machine so I decided not to spend big and the model I choose was inexpensive yet fits my needs precisely, fitting in well with the remainder of my coffee equipment. It truly is an obsession :)