Change in usenet provider

My annual subscription to NewsHosting expired recently and as I had a huge backlog of media to get through I put up with the lack of new stuff for a while. I managed to leech a couple of releases from my ISPs servers but was unable to obtain a few others which piqued my interest, so I endeavered to remedy the situation.

A credit card is not something I currently have access to, so I had no option but to go with a European based provider which would accept payment via Maestro. I studied the available information, compared and contrasted and decided to sign up for a one-off month with EuroFeeds.

I opted for the unlimited 12Mbit/s account, reckoning that it would be capable of saturating my 10 Mbit cable modem, even though I’m only allowed 4 simultaneous connections compared to 8 with NewsHosting. So far my impression is that the EuroFeeds subscription I went with isn’t as fast as my previous one, even with their servers being based in Romania and NewsHosting having theirs in the US. I haven’t tested the limits of article retention yet, but I don’t think it will be in the same league as before.

All in all, I’m glad to have access to binary newsgroups again ;) I’m even willing to overlook the price being comparable to the unlimited offering from the current leader in premium usenet access, Giganews. I now have a month to either track down someone with a credit card or even do the unthinkable and apply for one myself and if that’s the case I might well go with Giganews.

Leech on!