Carving a niche

The past 4 weeks have been hectic: I’ve been overwhelmed with new information and I’ve developed a dependence on searching old emails, miscellaneous text files and word-of-mouth information.

There is a plus side though: our team has a wiki. Free software to the rescue once again!

The only problem is that a lot of relevant information is either missing, incomplete or of otherwise poor quality, so I found myself compulsively editing and I’ve set myself the challenge of improving the documentation of the various processes our team is associated with.

On a technical note: the authentication system of the wiki software isn’t properly configured, so I’ve taken it on myself to read the documentation and get the situation rectified. Playing around with Tomcat, JSPs and battling with reference material hasn’t been the must fun thing I’ve done but I’m now waiting on the rest of the team to check out my local copy before any live changes are made.

The spirit of Saint IGNUcius is strong with me today: information wants to be free!