mod_python, trac and ubuntu no go

As I previously mentioned, my current task as Infurious system admin is providing the team with a bug/task tracking system, namely Trac.

My initial thought was: “our server runs Ubuntu, this should be easy…”

I could get Trac running via tracd and I could see that mod_python was working via mod_python.testhandler but the two didn’t seem to want to play together. Last night, after much frustration, I just gave up and configured Trac to run as a CGI application. Problem solved.

Unfortunately this solution will introduce a performance penalty but at this stage it’s my priority to get the system functional before I start worrying about access speed.

All I have left to do is get the Trac permissions set up and I’m going to move on to configuring a Jabber server which will free us from our dependency on Campfire.

Me? A Linux hippy? You bet!