I’m currently visiting my family in sunny Fermanagh and typing this from the ASUS Eee PC handed to me by Matt as I left the office yesterday.

One word sums up my opinion of this little device: “amazement.” I’m amazed that something of this size and at a price of £220 can run a full Linux distribution, has built-in WiFi and can therefore allow me to perform all my day-to-day tasks.

So far I have been able to catch up on my RSS feeds with Google Reader using Firefox; i’ve ssh’d into my home development machine with the included terminal application and connected to the Infurious jabber server via Pidgen. Just a normal day at the office!

I’ve found the size of the keyboard a bit awkward but I always have difficulty adapting to a new keyboard anyway, and the 800x480 screen resolution is a bit limiting, but I can’t find a single fault in terms of performance and if a full-sized keyboard, monitor and mouse were attached then I could use an Eee PC as a daily workstation no problem.

Hopefully I’ll be able to grab an photo of this gadget soon so you all can have a look at it in action.