Current strength training program

For nearly 3 months my strength training has revolved around squatting 3 times a week and this is my current program:

All squats are done to below parallel with all free-weight exercises being performed for 3 sets of 5 repetitions, after warm-ups, with the exception of the deadlift for which my “work” consists of a single set of 5 reps.

My focus, as always, has been on periodisation: a few weeks working up from approximately 85% to 100% of my previous best followed by a couple of weeks setting new bests ending with maybe a few days out of the gym and starting back at 85% again. I find the shorter periods of progressive poundages to be easier to manage psychologically than perhaps 7 or 8 weeks of progress that I have aimed for in the past.

This program appears to be working for me: I’ve never been stronger and my intimidation of the squat has greatly diminished due to the higher frequency. I still have to leave my ego at the weights-room door though: there will also be a person who can lift heavier, one who’s bigger and yet another who’s leaner.