Because everyone needs their own URL shortening service

At the moment I’m in between paid work and have been using my time to generally enjoy life but to also improve my skills. I’m all about the skills.

As an act of deliberate practice to hone my skills with web-application development and to deepen my understanding of the Rails framework I’ve been adding to my collection of nano-apps.

A while back I had an idea to develop a URL shortener just to see how little code would be required but decided the world really didn’t need another one. With time on my hands over Easter & the curiosity of a technology enthusiast I just started hacking and had a functioning prototype within a short time-frame.

I wasn’t keen on parting with my shiny pennies for a domain name considering my lack of income but I’d written the code and thought I’d may as well go the whole hog and get my work into the wild.

So, without further ado, I present . As usual, code is available on GitHub.