6 months of Rehab

I find it hard to believe, but I crossed the 6 month milestone at Rehab this week.

The time has went in quickly, with a fast-pace and quick turnaround times being the norm. The vibe in the office has been great, with a decent soundsystem pumping out dance music all day and my producer Gary, aka DJ Gary Quinn, dropping in a few choice chunes.

The guys here have a real passion for the web and enjoy a good laugh, for instance, this week we had a challenge to wear a different hat each day. Here’s Iain and Jurgen in their full cowboy glory:

I spend most of my days wrangling CakePHP, the PHP framework I started developing with nearly 3 years ago now. I also do most of the administration of the Linux boxes used to host the client sites and automate as much as I can with handy bash scripts, all from the comfort of this shiny iMac:

On the downside the standard working hours are 9 to 6, which is longer than I’m accustomed to. You can’t have it all ;)