Rails 3 Hello World

The past while I’ve been busy providing technical consultancy to BT and haven’t had much drive to work on anything on my own time. The itch has returned the past couple of weeks though so I thought I’d see what I’ve been missing in the Rails world and in what better way than getting a basic Rails 3 app up and running.

My environment was already setup for Rails 2.3.* and Yehuda Katz’ post served as a guide to get me up to speed with the beta loveliness.

RubyGems 1.3.7 along with Thor and Bundler gems required

My installed version of RubyGems was a couple of point releases behind, so I updated that and installed the necessary gems

sudo gem update –system sudo gem install thor bundler

Clone Edge Rails from GitHub

mkdir -p ~/code/rails/rails git clone http://github.com/rails/rails.git ~/code/rails/rails

Generate a fresh app and install dependencies with Bundler

mkdir ~/code/rails/rails-3-demo cd !$ ruby ~/code/rails/rails/bin/rails new . –dev bundle install

Launch the web server

./script/rails server

Browse to and you’re done!