Decommissioning my first every Sinatra app

For the past 12 years up until today has been a Sinatra app.

The purpose of the site was to help me learn Ruby which paid off handsomely and I went on to use Sinatra in many client projects so all in all it served me well.

Time moved on however and the content fell out of date, the design increasingly became an embarrassment and I’d disabled the contact form as I rarely received anything other than spam through it. The usefulness of the site had passed.

With this rejuvenated enthusiasm for blogging I thought I’d take the opportunity to blow away some more cobwebs so I opened up my Ansible playbooks, promoted the blog subdomain up to the root domain and put in place a few redirects to handle the old URLs. The final step was to update the DNS and wait for it to propagate.

Here’s a screenshot of the old site for posterity: