Current fitness regime

Much has changed since my days of running a 5x5 strength training program:

My strategy for surviving the pandemic was to do some form of fitness everyday which has meant I no longer have off days. Work being an optional activity makes this more practical to maintain and I’d choose a different approach if I was slaving down the $BIG_COMPANY salt mines.

I got such a benefit from doing burpees while the gyms were closed that I’ve continued doing them on the days I don’t lift weights.

The weight lifting itself is now broken up into 2 types of session: full body compound movements and isolation work. I still like to do 5 reps or less for the bigger exercises, though I’ll sometimes go higher. For smaller exercises it’s typically a minimum of 10 reps. Each exercise will have a minimum of 3 sets but can go up to 5 depending on where I am in the training cycle, levels of accumulated fatigue, how many calories I’m consuming etc.

Altogether there is a lot more flexibilty and variability in exercise selection and rep ranges used compared to in my 20s. Rather than intensity being the priority, volume and frequency have a bigger part to play now and I think it’s quite ironic that I’m training more like a bodybuilder as I get closer to 50.

I almost never do barbell squats now and rarely deadlift though every once in a while I like to pull 250% bodyweight off the floor to prove I can still do it :) .