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Now streaming Year Zero

The new Nine Inch Nails album is now being steamed in it’s entirety. Thankfully somebody saw fit to rip the stream and upload it to usenet :)

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

A trailer clip for Nine Inch Nails upcoming album Year Zero was released today and I’m sitting here, taking some time out from coding, listening to the tracks from it which were recently “leaked”. The tracks are: “Survivalism"(the forthcoming single,) “My Violent Heart” and “Me, I’m Not". It’s these last 2 which were discovered on USB drives in toilet cubicles at a couple of recent gigs. The files are all 320 kbit/s CBR MP3s and I’ve had the 3 of them on repeat.


Pink Is The Colour

I was reading a discussion on Lifehacker this morning about listening to music while studying, whcih mentioned an earlier post about pink noise. Between the guy on the radio and one of my coworkers I knew I had to take action or suffer the consequences. I felt a MacGyver moment coming on. One of the comments on the pink noise post led me to download a little app which generates a wave file containing 12 seconds of the stuff.


Syd is Dead, Long Live Syd

I’ve been visiting my family for this week and on the journey from the bus station to my Mother’s house I heard on the radio that Syd Barrett had died. His death occurred on friday 7th (as a result of complications due to diabetes) and was reported on tuesday 11th and I can definitely say he will be missed, goodness knows I know I feel a sense of loss. Syd has been a musical hero of mine since I was a teenager and I got turned onto the Pink Floyd.